How to Fight a Gang of Stray Cats

How many times has this happened to you; you’re walking back to your house on a warm summer night, maybe enjoying some iced dessert, when suddenly you’re surrounded by a gang of stray cats! Why is this Happening? There are a multitude of reasons why you’ve gotten yourself in this precarious situation. Maybe because you’ve […]

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How to Fake Loving Football

It’s game day, and you’ve been invited to a Super Bowl party. Congrats on finally crawling out of your cocoon and taking the first steps to becoming a beautiful, socially awkward butterfly. The only problem is that you know nothing of the sport (or sports in general), and that you’re what medical professionals refer to […]

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How to Shop on Black Friday

Going shopping on Black Friday is like playing a game of chicken with a swordfish; you might get stabbed. Most of the “sane” people are at home, barricadeing their houses and doing all their Black Friday shopping online like a wuss. But not you. You know that the best deals can only be earned through […]

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